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How to find us

Part of FEV’s magic is the location! Being off the beaten track is what delivers the full experience of being tucked away in a cloud forest. There are a variety of ways to get here and you can select one or mix and match to suit your style of adventure. Just follow our directions below.


NOTE: 4X4 (4WD) vehicle is highly recommended

Please keep in mind that it gets dark around 6 pm. The signs are not visible at night and in case of an emergency, cell service is very limited. So please, do not attempt to drive this road after dark.


If you are traveling in a small car, we can arrange for you to leave the vehicle in a secure carpark in Matagalpa for approximately C$100/per day (Cordobas). Just email us with an estimated time of arrival so we can arrange a meeting point, direct you to the parking lot and give you a lift to the Finca from there. The rate is USD$45 each way. Just let us know a day ahead so we can arrange a space in the garage.


Driving Your Own Vehicle (from points south of Matagalpa)


Coming from Managua, you'll be on Carretera Norte. You'll begin to see signs for Matagalpa. BEAR RIGHT at "Y" junction with signs for Jinotega and Selva Negra and continue for about 5 km. Just before your turn, look for a sign to San Ramón/La Dalia, a police check-point to your left and a restaurant to your right (La Pradera de San Francisco). TURN RIGHT at the "T" and follow signs to San Ramón. (About 4.5 km)

AS YOU ENTER SAN RAMON, you will see a statue of San Ramón with a “Bienvenido” sign. ENTER THE ROAD TO THE LEFT OF THE STATUE. You will have the park on your right.  BEAR LEFT at the  (large bible statue) and continue until you pass the Catholic church on your right. You are now on La Carretera El Jobo. Once you cross the first bridge, you will be on dirt roads.  STAY ON THIS MAIN ROAD AT ALL TIMES FOR 12 KM UNTIL YOU GET TO YUCUL – approximately 30 mins. On the way, you’ll pass through the communities of La Reyna and El Naranjo. As you approach Yúcul (there are no signs to let you know you've arrived there), you’ll get to a bend in the center of town, right after the bus stop, TURN LEFT onto that road heading up the hill. FEV is 3.5 km from the start of this road, the roughest and most adventurous part of your journey. A little over 1/2 way up, you’ll approach a small reservoir (Presa de Bavaria), TURN LEFT ONTO THAT ROAD JUST BEFORE YOU PASS THE RESERVOIR. You'll pass by a shed on left and drive over a creek.  Have faith, you're almost there! You'll drive by a few homes, including "Rancho Lupita", then our veggie garden - keep going straight until you reach the main lodge. The parking area will be on your left.


If you encounter any difficulty in your travels - give us a call directly to FEV: 8775.5341. Please bear with us since there are times when the cell signal is weak.  FYI - No cell signal from Yucul to FEV. 


Private Transport Service


The easiest transportation option is to leave the driving to us! Our driver can pick you up at the airport, Hotel Las Mercedes or Camino Real for USD$125. Any other pick up location (hotels, Airbnb, bus stations, etc) within the city of Managua will be an extra charge of $10. The rate from Granada or Leon to FEV is USD$145. If you are traveling to Matagalpa on your own, we can pick you up in town and bring you to FEV for USD$45 each way. From San Ramón, USD$25 each way. Our safe and comfortable four-wheel-drive vehicle guarantees the quickest and most efficient travel method.


The locations mentioned above are the most popular. However, we are happy to arrange any transfers to and from any location in Nicaragua. Just contact us ahead of time for rates.


Public Transportation - from Points South

If you prefer to immerse yourself in typical Nica travel, there are many buses traveling north.

Managua to Matagalpa
From Mercado Mayoreo in Managua (Bus Terminal): Take the "chicken" bus for C$65/pp (Córdobas) or the Express Bus for C$75/pp (Córdobas) to Matagalpa. Approximately 2 hours.


From the Sandino International Airport:

You can wave down any number of "chicken" buses for C$65/pp (Córdobas) that pass directly in front of the airport with the final destination to Matagalpa.
Express Buses: C$75/pp (Cordobas). These buses are recommended as they are faster, but you will need to go to the Mayoreo Bus Terminal to catch one.


Matagalpa to FEV (including bus, taxi and "Colectivo" options):
Public buses and Express vans will stop at Cotrán Sur bus terminal in Matagalpa from all points south. If you are heading directly to FEV, take a shared taxi called Colectivo for C$10/pp (Córdobas) to the Cotrán Norte bus terminal and catch a bus to the community of Yúcul for C$20/pp (Córdobas). You can take any bus heading to El Jobo, La Patriota, or Cerro Colorado. Let the bus driver know to let you off at the Yúcul bus stop which is 3.5 km from FEV. You will have to hike up to FEV from Yúcul since there is no public transportation available from Yúcul to FEV*.


*From Yúcul to FEV, the hike takes about 1 hour. It is not recommended if traveling with more than one backpack. Adventurers will be rewarded, however, as the road winds upward through the village homes and coffee farms, offering spectacular views and a glimpse into the lives of rural Nicaraguans.


If you can contact us with at least 24-hour notice, and if the Finca pickup is available, we can arrange a ride for you from Yúcul bus stop to FEV for $5/ each way (maximum capacity of 4 in the cabin).

NEW ROUTE! There is now a bus leaving San Ramón at 1:30 pm from the gas station in town. This new route to La Bavaria will drop you off at the Presa de Bavaria, just 1.5 km from FEV. It's a mostly flat and downhill walk from there!!!



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