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Green Hope Foundation

When we first began our work here at FEV about 8 years ago, we were excited about the possibilities of creating several new programs that would improve the lives of the people in our immediate community of La Chispa. Green Hope Foundation was created as a result of numerous inquiries by friends and guests of Finca Esperanza Verde (FEV) looking for a way to support our projects.


FEV has been supporting the community with an elementary school - “Escuela La Chispa”. The facility was founded and built by Sister Communities of San Ramon, the former owners of FEV in 2001 with the help of volunteers and community members. It is located on a dedicated parcel of land inside the Finca property, just a 7-minute walk from the main lodge. A recent addition of two new classrooms was completed in 2016 through the generous donation of guests  There are 45 kids attending the school from pre-kinder - sixth grade.


Through the Green Hope Foundation, we provide a convenient method for you to donate, enabling the sustainability of our current projects and the development of new ones that will improve the quality of life of many in our community. No donation is too small! ALL proceeds are invested in the community we live in and love. Thank you so much for your support!!


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